10 argument s the bible is the word of god

It has been estimated that Rome is guilty of the blood of some million people who have rejected her corrupt system. The fact of divisions among the Corinthians proves that they are still fleshly, however, and not mature enough to grasp all that could be theirs in Christ 3: Theodosius I convened the second General Council at Constantinople, inwhich endorsed his definition of Catholicism, finally condemned Arianism Jesus said to them, "Truly, truly, I say to you, before Abraham was, I am.

A fine example of this idea is expressed in a story about Samson: Adventist Doctrine Incorporated into The Clear Word Bible The Clear Word Bible has provided us with the ability finally to see the actual definitions of common Scripture passages that are twisted in the Adventist mind.


But God never gives Job or us an explanation for why he would allow bad things to happen to good people. This was in CE—i. The KJV produces good fruit, because the Holy Spirit bears witness to it like no other book in the world.

They leave little room for error regarding when the seventh-day Sabbath begins and ends and what must be done in preparation for that day. The Jehovah's Witnesses use this same argument to deny the deity of Jesus.

What ever their reasoning, the bottom line is they do not want to accept that a very real God has written down His Will for all mankind in the Book. Jesus said, "Heaven and earth shall pass away, but my words shall not pass away" Matthew The open public denial of God's word and the Deity of Christ was practically unheard of among ministers.

To these people, truth is more important than tradition. Nothing has been added to it in eighteen hundred years, yet a man like Bunsen, or Neander, cannot exhaust it by the study of a lifetime.

The unbeliever, because of his volition, is not at all able to grasp the wisdom of God 2: This is not a large book. The new translations produce spiritual babies who are totally incapable of discussing Bible doctrine. The scripture cannot be broken. Jesus always credited Jehovah with creation see Matthew Or, at least, disliked each other.

Most "Christian colleges" teach that the King James Bible is only a translation, and that NO translation is infallible. They're unstable, insecure, dishonest, and very inconsistent.

The three persons, Father, Son and Spirit, are not confused i. He was accustomed to educe principles of life from its inward structure, from its concealed framework, from its underlying verities. Then out of the river came frogs. What a testimony it is to the divinity of this book that such infinite wisdom is stored away in so small a compass.

Muhammad and the Bible

As God wanted something written down for the Bible, the Holy Spirit would relay that into the hearts of the Apostles, and the Apostles would write what was etched into their hearts. Standing "by the side of" and being "with" carry different theological meanings.

Now, as to the New Testament. Paul commands them to hand the man over to Satan for the destruction of his flesh 5: I want to read them. Christians must continue to hold them accountable for altering the words of the Bible until the organization either gives up its efforts to mold Scripture to its doctrines and repents, or they simply get tired of the ongoing changes and allow the world to see them for who they truly are.

In early life I accepted it as such upon the authority of my parents, and never gave the question any serious thought. Although some changes have occurred to the text, the church has not publicly called for the original to be removed from circulation.

The English word "spirit" is usually translated from the Hebrew ruach and Greek pneuma words meaning "wind" or "breath," 19 and by several extended meanings: Therefore, it makes perfect sense that His word would be translated for the English speaking people under a monarchy with an English king.

They can tell for they know him. Oral Sex in Accordance with God's Will. Since the publication of our original article on anal sex and God’s will, we have received several inquiries asking to clarify God’s position concerning oral sex.

We are gratified that so many Christians are hungry for the word of the Lord and are actively seeking the Truth so that they may fulfill His plan in all areas of their lives.

Bad Arguments: The Bible is the Word of God By Chris Dantes in Bad Argument, Rant, Religion; November 25, While Pascal’s Wager is the most idiotic argument, and Personal Incredulity is the most pervasive, this is the most frustrating to me. It’s frustrating to me, because most of the people who use it, (the Christians who were.

View Notes - the 10 arguments theo from THEO at Liberty Christian Academy, Lynchburg. V. ARGUMENTS THAT THE BIBLE IS THE WORD OF GOD ositive question Is the Bible the Word of God?

can also be%(1). In hundreds of passages, the Bible declares or takes the position explicitly or implicitly that it is nothing less than the very Word of God. Some thirty-eight hundred times the Bible declares, “God said,” or “Thus says the Lord” (e.g.

Ex. ; ; Lev. ; Num.

The Trinity -- Fact or Fiction?

; Deut. ; ; Isa.24; Jer. ; Ezek. ; etc.). Argument That The Bible Is The Word Of God Netreia Carroll THEO C23 September 15, Out of the ten arguments about the Bible being the Word of God presented by Dr.

Top 10 Horrifying Moments in the Bible

Towns in his article Argument That The Bible Is The Word Of God I believe his point on the resurrection authenticates the Bible due to prophesies. The Translation of the Greek Word "Ekklesia" as "church" in the English Bible, and the use of the Term “the church” and its Ramifications.

10 argument s the bible is the word of god
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