An analysis of jesus as an effective communicator in the st luke gospel

But the Christ hanging on the cross is not a pretty picture, He is not one to whom we are drawn, who evokes in us warm and fuzzy feelings.

The Composition of Luke's Gospel

Luke possessed rare ability as a writer, and it has often been said that his gospel is the most appealing of all those in the New Testament. The main things St. I also noticed that in both readings the author was humbling themselves to the Lord, and recognized that He is far greater than them.

He saw our Christian life as a journey with Jesus, a living with him through suffering to glory. New findings are presented by: But the Jews expected that one day God would send a very special deliverer.

By his preface Luke indicated that his book was similar in purpose: Mary and Joseph appear only to be an unfortunate couple who are forced to make an undesired and unpleasant journey to Bethlehem, and it is there, tragically, that Mary gives birth, in the most miserable of circumstances.

He was the friend of the poor and the outcast and had no political ambitions of his own and no intention of trying to interfere with the orderly processes of government.

They were read by dramatic readers who helped communicate their meaning by reading with meaning. Asking for forgiveness and forgiving others reestablishes our communion with God and others.

Have you ever found something that you had lost. Verses depict the birth of Jesus, and the worship and witness of the shepherds. Granted, Christ had to take on human flesh before He could reveal God to men and save them, but it is His atoning work on the cross of Calvary that saves us.

Books about St. Luke and His Writings

Rumors circulated to the effect that the founder of the movement was a dangerous character who was trying to overthrow the Roman government. This may not be the kind of Jesus you wish to think of or to serve, but it is the same Jesus that came to Bethlehem.

It spans ten chapters Luke 9, Theophilus was a Greek.

New Testament of the Bible

In this they would find both the ancient preaching and an explanation which they, as non-Jews, would understand. He had just finished with a shoe and had placed it aside to cool.

Saint Luke

Neither did they use the vernacular koine means:. Jesus is without peer among the master communicators of the message of the Scriptures.

This being the case, it should follow that the methods and message of the “Master Communicator” would command the attention of present-day preaching and teaching and.

Luke is the author of this Gospel as well as the book of Acts.

An analysis of jesus as an effective communicator in the st luke gospel

With these two books he actually wrote one fourth of the New Testament! Luke was the only Gentile New Testament writer and was a. Luke is the story of Jesus Christ—exactly as it happened. It’s written by Luke, the physician. Luke is the third Gospel (an account of Jesus’ life and ministry) in the New Testament.

Luke tells Jesus’ story in extensive detail, more so than any other Gospel. Luke records miracles, sermons, conversations, and personal feelings (Lk ).

The Gospel of Mark

Topic 7: Jesus as Communicator. Using the evidence of the St. Luke Gospel, what made Jesus an effective communicator? How was he able to attract and impress large crowds? Jesus was (and still is) a contradictory and paradoxical figure.

Some saw him as a prophet, a liberator, a king; others saw him as a charlatan, a blasphemer/5(5). The opening chapters of Luke’s Gospel reveal how God was at work in human history preparing for the coming of Jesus.

They tell how Jesus was born into a Jewish family that was deeply committed to obeying God’s will and purpose. He is the Horn of Salvation (Luke ) The Consolation of Israel: (Luke ) The Book: As the first four verses of Luke attests, this book aims to give a detailed account of the person and ministry of Jesus, laid out in an orderly fashion for the reader to easily understand.

An analysis of jesus as an effective communicator in the st luke gospel
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