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Firstly, a reason for the decline in the nuclear family is because of divorce. These changes have afforded the members to enjoy more leisure and other family oriented activities, as opposed to the seemingly disparate role-functions that have characterised the traditional family form.

Cohabitations involve an unmarried couple in a sexual relationships living together. Similarly, Marxists argue that it meets the needs of capitalism, not its members or society.

Feminists believe women are oppressed in the family and Marxists argue the family meeting the needs of capitalism, not the members and society as a whole. For example, feminists see the family as serving the needs of men and oppressing women. This suggests an increase in the amount of single parent families in the UK and therefore suggests that single parent families are becoming more frequent.

The number of traditional nuclear family household has fallen. Therefore, the family is a servant of a capitalist state which looks after the needs of exploited workers at no cost to employers.

However marital sex creates a powerful emotional between a coupleEducational culture needs to be transmitted to the next generationEconomic where adult family members show their commitment to the care, protection and maintenance of their dependants by becoming productive workers and being an income.

This is agreed by Murdock as he argues that the family is a universal institution it exists everywhere which is supported by when he studied societies and found some sort of family in all of them.

They also majority of home work is productive but it not recognised as uch because it is unpaid and usually done by women. Children sleep in dormitories and are educated collectively.

Assess the View That in Todays

There are many different families in our society: Industrial society has two essential needs which require a nuclear family to work: The three different types of sociologists; functionalists, feminists and new right all have different views on the family and its importance.

If they are challenged, then women, stand a better chance of improving their status in society.

Assess the view that in todays society the family

List Elsewhere Assess the Marxist View That the Main Role of the Family Is to Serve the Interests of Capitalism words - 3 pages Using material from item 2b and elsewhere assess the Marxist view that the main role of the family is to serve the interests of capitalism.

The Kibbutz is a communal form of living found in Israel. This view is also criticised by feminists due to the idea of different gender roles. Functionalism is a structural theory in that it believes that the social structure of society social institutions such as economy, education, media, law, religion and family is responsible for shaping us as individuals.

Media through its representation of social class ensures the cultural hegemony of the dominant capitalist class which maintains inequality and exploitation. Without this there would be no consensus and without this a social life would not be possible as people would not know how to act and greet people in a respectable way.

Instead of just a couple and their independent children, extended, reconstituted and lone parent families are becoming increasingly more common. The family is an exploitative institution within the context of a capitalist world, Family passes on pro-capitalist values from one generation to the next, Women constitute a reserve army of labour, The overthrow of capitalism and establishment of a socialist society will result in equality for women alongside men in the economic sphere.

However many sociologists argue against claims made my Parsons and Dennis, some argue that the family has not lost its functions. So according to Murdock then family would be losing its functions because it is not fitting directly into his four main functions.

The husband worries about competition, money, job insecurity etc. The four functions are Reproduction where society requires new members to ensure its survivalSexual this function serves both society and the individual.

My essay Other Popular Essays. Many sociologists argue that modern day nuclear families are becoming less common. Parsons believes that the family unquestionably benefits individuals and society. Children would learn the skills needed for life from their elders and they often followed their parents footsteps in life.

The idea of two families in two different societies, and both ideas work suggests the nuclear family is not the norm in certain regions of the world. It is also proved that other families that are not nuclear also work.

Functionalists are interested in how the family functions for the greater good or society and in particular, how it contributes to maintenance of social order. Her research showed how extended migrant families in America in the 19th Century acted as a source of support and mutual aid, as well as promoting geographical mobility by helping newcomers to find work.

This has now changed as the modern family gets more help in caring for children hrough a range of state welfare services and growing numbers of care services such as play groups and nurseries.

Postmodernists and different feminists reject this view that there is one single family type which always performs certain functions. Both systems have a tendency to subordinate women. P.

Assess the Usefulness of Functionalism for an Understanding of the Family

Murdock; he compared over societies and claimed that the nuclear family was universal, that some form of the nuclear family existed in every known society and that it performed four functions essential to the continued existence of those societies.

Unlike Murdock, Parsons View of the family is not dated and is quite close to the reality of today’s family. From Parsons View family is not losing it function within society. In the past years there have been some major changes in family and household patterns. The number of traditional nuclear family household has fallen.

Using material from Item 2B and elsewhere assess the view that, in today’s society the family is losing its functions. As stated in Item 2B, the family fulfils a number of important functions for individuals and for society, such as the socialisation of children and the stabilisation of adult personalities.

Assess the functionalist view of the family Functionalism is when everything in society has a role to play in day-to-day life. A prime example of functionalism in society is the family. The family is seen as a social group characterized by common residence, economic co-operation and reproduction.

Assess the view that in today’s society the family is losing its functions (24 Marks) According to functionalists the family has lost its functions, functionalism claim there is integration and harmony between different parts of society which rely upon each other to maintain a cooperating society.

Assess the view that, in today’s society, the family losing it’s functions?

Essay Functionalist View of Religion. The Functionalist View of Religion First Last name Bluegrass Community Technical College There are several key elements that are found in every society.

Assess The View That The Nuclear Family Is No Longer The Norm Assess the view family is found in every society essay
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