Essay on the constitution of india and social justice

All people are entitled to the freedom of religion. It also prohibits forced labor. The principles of equality before law and equal protection of law contained in Article 14 impose an obligation on the state to provided even-handed justice to all alike. We require therefore a study based on select illustrations of various issues relating to government policies on topics such as: For the establishment of economic justice it is essential to check the concentration of wealth and the means of production in fewer hands.

Disabilities and problems of other groups like the physically disabled, child labour, tribals and those affected by environmental pollution also form the agenda of social justice. Legal Literacy Programmes and Lok Adalats.


The Supreme Court or a high court may declare the amendment null and void if this is violated, after a judicial review. Article 18 prohibits the state from conferring such titles. Fundamental Rights The fundamental rights are regarded as the soul of our Constitution.

The coming years hold little promise of restoring social injustice in the country. The rest have to suffer through the bureaucratic ways, especially red tape, which in itself involves injustices to the countless people whose petitions or applications are kept pending for months, sometimes years.

Muslims are very small in Government jobs and police and they should be ensured participation according to their population in such areas. Essay on the Importance of the Preamble of the Constitution of India Article shared by The preamble of a Constitution sets out the main objectives which the legislature seeks to secure for the people.

The social justice scenario is to be investigated in the context of two streams of entitlements: For all of us it is essential to remove rotten values and social system.

Constitution of India

Rural agriculture and Industrial Labour and workers, women, Harijans, Juvenile, under trials and geographically deprived depressed classes. Gap between rich and poor is wider in our country. The hapless citizen, of course, suffers in silence.

Economic justice demands that arrangements should be made to give economic assistance to those who are unemployed, old age and sick. In this way we may conclude that the preamble is quite relevant for the interpretation of our Constitution. Muslims and Dalit Christians are worst sufferers and hence priority should be given to ensure health, education and jobs to them.

Krishna lyer, the chairman of the Legal Aid committee prepared a blue print of the scheme putting forth the philosophy underlying this social welfare measures to ensure effective and cheaper justice to the Indian masses.

Dowry, rape and torture are the by product of this mentality. Deemed amendments to the constitution which can be passed under the legislative powers of parliament were invalidated by Article 1 in the Twenty-fourth Amendment. In its Golak Nath v. The number of people in India who are suffering in silence must be legion.

Article 14 of the Constitution guarantees equality of all persons before the law. The constitution is considered federal in nature, and unitary in spirit.

Short Essay on Social Justice through Legal Aid

The Preamble of Indian Constitution declares: Equality does not mean that all human beings are equal mentally and physically. There is no sign of justice or fair play in any sphere of activity.

We may start with certain provisions of the Constitution, which is the fundamental law of the land. Earlier, dominant castes used to fight elections mainly and now backwards have also started contesting and a day will come erstwhile dominant castes will be out of power owing to their smaller number.

This would spur an upward movement of people and each entrepreneur can provide work for one or more persons. Economic justice means that the individual is provided with the bare necessities of food, clothes and shelter, the abolition of the unequal distribution of wealth and the provision of equal and appropriate opportunities for the earning of his livelihood.

There is mere talk and promise, but no concrete action to redress injustices. No society or country can make the requisite progress while depriving such large number of people of dignity and respect.

It would be worthwhile the quote the observation made by the noted American Jurist H.

Essay on Justice | India | Political Science

This constitution is designed to protect the rights of its citizens, but some anti-social elements use it for dividing the people. It is up to the people of India to be aware and united against them and live according to the rules set by the Constitution. The Constitution declares India to be asovereign, socialist, secular, democratic republic, assuring its citizens of justice, equality, and liberty, and endeavours to promote fraternity among them.[6] The words "socialist" and "secular" were added to the definition in by constitutional amendment.[7].

Essay on the Introduction to Justice in Indian Constitution: Essay on the Social Justice: Social justice means to abolish social inequalities and to provide equal opportunities to everybody in social life.

Beforethere were so many social inequalities in India.

Constitution Of India Importance Essay

Essay on Justice | India | Political Science November 14, Importance of Social Justice and Social Development in India! For the formation of social­istic pattern of society based on equality, liberty and fraternity, it laid down certain provisions in Constitution of India for the social justice and development of the downtrodden India, as part of national commitment.

Concept Of Social Justice Under Indian Constitution The constitution of India was adopted on November 26, Social inequalities of India expect solution equally.

Concept Of Social Justice Under Indian Constitution

Under Indian Constitution the use of social justice is accepted in wider sense which includes social and economical justice both. According to Chief Justice Gajendragadkar. Race And Social Justice Essay Research Paper 1 For my research essay, I want to do healthcare in minority areas.

Some justices I have seen in this area vary from readings in class, to friends.

Essay on the constitution of india and social justice
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Concept Of Social Justice Under Indian Constitution