Essays on the political economy of taxation

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It is either legislating away for a certain period, or forever, a part of their sovereignty, or it is interfering with the pursuits of individual industry, by raising up a rival fatal to its prosperity.

In the second place, we maintained that all grants of monopolies, or exclusive or partial privileges to any man, or body of men, impaired the equal rights of the people, and was in direct violation of the first principle of a free government. Those who only read the declamations of the opponents of the Equal Rights of the people, may be induced to believe that this paper advocates principles at war with the very existence of social rights and social order.

The focus on the choice of policy instruments under various political and institutional arrangements is made possible by a nascent literature that creates a direct link between collective choice models and the composition of public revenues in democratic countries.

In order to do so, we model this link through a political economy channel by developing a median voter result over sequence of taxes. Thesis or Dissertation Abstract In this thesis we explore the relationship between changes in labor income inequality and movements in labor taxes over the last decades in US.

In constructing and changing fiscal systems, policymakers must evaluate the size and interaction of such effects. This is too great a power to entrust to Government.

A data-driven approach is taken to recover the effective tax code — the set of legal phrases in tax law that have the largest impact on revenues, holding major tax rates constant. Recent Evolution, Competition, and Convergence. They want no government to regulate their private concerns; to prescribe the course and mete out the profits of their industry.

The second chapter contributes to recent work in political economy and public finance that focuses on how details of the tax code, rather than tax rates, are used to implement redistributive fiscal policies.

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The selfish feeling has been so strongly called into action by this abuse of authority as almost to overpower the social feeling, which it should be the object of a good Government to foster by every means in its power.

The admission of all others having the means and the inclination to associate for similar purposes, by destroying the monopoly at one blow, will in all probability diminish the prospect of future gains; and these will be still further curtailed, by at first restricting banks in their issues of small notes and in the amount of notes they are permitted to put into circulation, and finally by repealing the restraining law, 1 and throwing banking open to the free competition of the whole community.

The thesis assumes balanced growth preferences and full commitment. It was not necessary to the purposes of a good government, in relation to any other class of the community, and was never conceded by them either virtually or verbally.

By establishing the social feeling in a community, it was intended to counteract that selfish feeling, which, in its proper exercise, is the parent of all worldly good, and, in its excesses, the root of all evil.

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By thus operating directly on the latter, by offering one class a bounty and another a discouragement, they involve the selfish feeling in every struggle of party for the ascendancy, and give to the force of political rivalry all the bitterest excitement of personal interests conflicting with each other.

Regarding capital taxation, the bang-bang result holds as in Bassetto and Benhabib It is the nature of political abuses, to be always on the increase, unless arrested by the virtue, intelligence and firmness of the people. In this dissertation we analyze the role of parties’ electoral competition in aggregating voters’ preferences over policy and its impact on tax design.

The representation of voters’ interests is central for the analysis of public finance since the issue of aggregation is closely linked to the tradeoff between efficiency and redistribution, and the size and composition of public spending.

Mar 09,  · Best Political Economy Essay Topics and Ideas. The most successful businessmen and women today all have one secret: They understand and contribute to.

This interesting chapter speculates about the role of progressive taxation, and the role of political economy, in the search for an understanding of the history they document. Bénassy-Quéré, Agnès, Benoît Cœuré, Pierre Jacquet, and Jean Pisani-Ferry.

This dissertation consists of three research articles in political economy and public finance.

Essays on the political economy of public finance: taxation and debt

The first chapter provides evidence on the effect of electoral institutions on the performance of public officials. Using panel data on state supreme courts between andwe measure the effects of. On the Principles of Political Economy, and Taxation; On the Principles of Political Economy, and Taxation by David Ricardo.


Essays in Political Economy

Read. Paperback. Premium. Clothbound. Excerpt. Essays by David Hume.

Essays on the political economy of public finance: taxation and debt

Economics A Lecture Delivered at Columbia University in the Series on Science, Philosophy and Art. Selected Essays on Political Economy By Frédéric Bastiat. SHARE POST: Frederic Bastiat () was a French economist, statesman, and author.

He led the free-trade movement in France from its inception in until his untimely death in The first 45 years of his life were spent in preparation for five tremendously productive years.

Essays on the political economy of taxation
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Essays on the political economy of taxation in dynamic settings.