Government espionage and the 4th amendment essay

They search that database to see if Bobby Oglethorpe is committing crimes in the U. Americans need to feel that no one is watching them all the time.

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Not to mean that people are against the fight against terror but how the government is fighting it. Does the government work for us, or do we work for the government.

Then they go to their administrative folks and get a piece of paper that allows them then a second search. Their ideologies and beliefs lead them. Select issues and cases. Whatever happened to the public promise to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution as it is written.

Speaker, most Americans may not be aware of what is taking place by our government.

The U.S. Constitution - 4th Amendment

The Fourth Amendment - which guarantees privacy in our persons, houses, papers and effects - permits the government to invade that privacy only when a judge has signed a warrant that authorizes surveillance, a search or a seizure.

A principal contention is about the Patriots Act and how it surrounds the Fourth Amendment.

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It is to ensure that illegal or wanted people by law do not access the country. Judge Napolitano has written nine books on the U. The laws that permitted the soldier-written search warrants and the Stamp Act were the British government's fatal political mistakes, which arguably caused a major shift in colonial opinion toward secession from Britain 10 years before the bloody part of the Revolution began.

Another common way the government has gone against the Fourth Amendment is through surveillance. This proposed legislation would change all that. It pretends that the standard is probable cause of foreign agency, but this has now morphed into the issuance of general warrants whenever the government wants them.

The context of this amendment was the numerous searches by King George during the British colonization. A search warrant typically authorizes the government to enter private premises and look for the specific items designated in the warrant.

The Constitution is extremely ambiguous concerning individual rights and personal freedoms of man. This is not an example of the work written by our professional essay writers. Today, the federal government employs more than 60, domestic spies — one spy for every 5, Americans. The ostensible purpose of doing that was to search through the colonists' papers looking for stamps, which the Stamp Act required the colonists to affix to all documents in their possession.

Initially, the court could not just issue an order just because there was a reason to believe a person is suspicious.

Fourth Amendment Essays (Examples)

The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated. Amendment IV. The new spy law, as was its predecessor, remains an attack on the 4th Amendment.

Unfortunately for big government advocates, collecting and storing data on its citizens is not cited or even alluded to in Article I, Section 8 where the powers of the federal government are itemized. Warrant-Under the Amendment, police and government agents cannot search and seize evidence without proper and written authorization from a court of law.

This authorization must state the reasons why the search is necessary, and the items to be seized. Subsequently, inafter approximately two thousand people were prosecuted#, according to Mickey Z., under the Espionage Act ofthe Wilson Administration passed the Sedition Act ofalso known as the Sedition Amendment to the Espionage Act.

Our government is spying on Americans and I think it is in violation of the U.S. Constitution. In all of the talk that we have been having the last few weeks, we are missing one of the most basic issues that we hold dear: the right of privacy.

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Government espionage and the 4th amendment essay
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