The greatest generation portrayed in the stories of tom brokaw and studs terkel

It is up to Mr. She also was a very fine baker and we had all sorts of goodies to eat and a seamstress also, she knitted our sweaters the kids at school thought we were rich but I guess their Mother didn't know how to do those things. This discussion will be of interest to all ages.

We all thought he was wonderful in my girlish days. Another reveals that Churchill instructed his bombers to flatten Dresden and kill thousands when the war was already won, to demonstrate British-American strength to Stalin.

I don't think we should paint this generation holy and admirable- but take a close look at it in its entirity. Someone--have forgotten, sorry, earlier said that the rubber bands that come around asparagas are particularly good.

She was trained for nothing to support us. It is not possible to experience every emotion from joy to despair, and finally horror as this book is read. I remember being afraid that I'd be in trouble, yelled at.

Those born after. Of course you can share your memories, books or not. The Greatest Generation is a history of the World War II era, told through the experiences of American people during the war and afterwards. What are your thoughts about that "special" generation. Mama had never driven a day in her life.

The shared memories here will make it impossible for you to keep from getting involved and into the discussion A sad revelation is that we who owe what we have, have allowed the erosion of respect to the point that Veterans must seek a Constitutional Amendment so the Flag Of The United States, the flag they fought under and for, should not be allowed to be burned by those who's ability to express themselves is so impaired that burning a flag is the best they can do.

The Greatest Generation Summary

But what is worse are the generations who are so bereft of respect, they burn a symbol that represents the freedom for their hostile behavior. But you know, I still write shopping lists on the back of envelopes. I think of the terms you use - "he vowed to himself" - he took good care "as he had promised" - "paid all of his future education.

It may not even have been ment for these times, but surely could apply. Are we deluding ourselves. I certainly consider him a member of The Greatest Generation, as I do my husband, who was born in and was in the Navy.

The most fascinating parts are not the stories of the men and women who went on to bigger and better things, but the stories of those who came home, settled down, and lived a full life. I am one of the thirty-something's that were a group who were felt may not be interested or moved by these stories.

Do you see that as a trait common among children nowadays. Ours was basically a share and we'll all work this out together set of values. I've filled out my form and would really enjoy joning in the discussions of our generation!. As they now reach the twilight of their adventurous and productive lives, they remain, for the most part, exceptionally modest.


Cool and stoical, his loner heroes spoke through actions and rarely with words. Tom Brokaw reminds us what we are capable of as a people. To bad you didn't get to see it.

Eddie you were always kind in your feelings ,I love you for that. I'm here and so very excited about the opportunity to sit in on this discussion of the Greatest Generation.

The worst of times" That says it all doesn't it. Ullman was born to a Polish father and British mother. The previous years must have been very difficult for this person who was highly intelligent and had thoughtful opinions on everything. You say you "tend to think more with a much earlier generation.

I look forward to this new dicussion get-together. They answered the call to save the world from the two most powerful and ruthless military machines ever assembled, instruments of conquest in the hands of fascist maniacs.

I remember we had gas for lighting in the house when I was very young, all the jets had to be lit every evening being careful not to touch the mantle or it would fall to dust.

Some of the Scouting leaders wanted to use this information to show that becoming Eagle Scouts enabled them to later become officers. Praise for The Greatest Generation "Moving a tribute to the members of the World War II generation to whom we Americans and the world owe so much."-The New York Times Book Review "Full of wonderful, wrenching tales of a generation of heroes.

Tom Brokaw reminds us what we are capable of as a people/5(). Tom Brokaw is the author of seven bestsellers: The Greatest Generation, The Greatest Generation Speaks, An Album of Memories, Boom!, The Time of Our Lives, A Long Way from Home, and A Lucky Life Interrupted. The Greatest Generation is a very moving non-fiction novel that contains real life fascinating stories of WWII and the Great Depression that give you a look into the lives of veteran soldiers telling their story to Tom Brokaw.4/5.

Description: Myth and the Greatest Generation calls into question the glowing paradigm of the World War II generation set up by such books as The Greatest Generation by Tom Brokaw.

Including analysis of news reports, memoirs, novels, films and other cultural artefacts Ken Rose shows the war was much more disruptive to the lives of Americans in. Napoli was one of the chief researchers for Tom Brokaw's The Greatest Generation, and in the spirit of that enterprise, his oral histories recast our understanding of a war and its legacy.

Napoli introduces a remarkable group of young New Yorkers who went abroad with high hopes only to find a Reviews: Sep 11,  · Tom Brokaw Tom Brokaw, American television journalist and author, best known for anchoring the NBC Nightly News from to Brokaw graduated from the University of South Dakota with a B.A.

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The greatest generation portrayed in the stories of tom brokaw and studs terkel
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